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Professional EMDR & Related Trainings

I am an Integrative Therapist with over 23 years’ experience working in the field of Creative Arts Therapy and Trauma Therapy.  My passion for teaching integrates evidenced based approaches such as EMDR with creative and expressive therapy.  My goal is to teach you how to help your clients heal faster, deeper, and with more meaning.    My integrative draws upon my training and experience using Art Therapy, EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, Hypnosis, Attachment Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Play Therapy.

Integrating Art Therapy and EMDR with Complex Clients

Image by Bernard Hermant

Attachment Trauma and Dissociation in Adults and Children 

Lover's Shadows

EMDR Basic Training through the Trauma Institute and Child Trauma Institute

Image by Amanda Dalbjörn

Holly C.

“This is by far the best training I have ever attended. Elizabeth is highly experienced and knowledgeable about EMDR. This combined with her warmth and openness to questions/concerns made this an invaluable teaching and experience.”

Mitzie B.

“Best training I have ever attended by far. Information was presented in a clear and concise manner. Video presentations were helpful and practicing in groups was also helpful. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all questions with confidence. I truly learned a lot!”

Aaron P.

“I am excited to use EMDR! These trainings have been extremely helpful- The combination of succinct presentation of information with lots of real time practice has helped me feel confident that I can become a proficient practitioner.”

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I’m a board certified, New York State licensed art therapist with 25 years experience working in the field of creative arts therapy and trauma. Before becoming a creative arts therapist, I attained my master’s in fine arts (MFA) with a concentration in photography. As an experimental art photographer whose focus has been on the relationship between human psychology and visual expression, it was a natural progression for me to come to the field of art therapy.

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