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Art Therapy & EMDR Consultations

My mission as a Consultant is twofold.  First I endeavor to attune to the needs of consultees, responding to them as a fellow clinician seeking answers and support.  I want them to get the answers they are coming for.   Second, I want every consultee to leave with more knowledge, tools, unique approaches, and strategies than they came in with. Ultimately I hope my consultation helps clinicians  feel more confident about their overall capacity to meet the clinical needs of their clients.


As a specialist in assessment for Trauma Institute I believe good treatment begins with good case formulation.  With a background in attachment assessment, over 20 years working with children and families, as well as with adults with complex trauma and dissociation, I help clinicians learn to deconstruct their most challenging cases.  I offer diagnostic interview strategies and perspectives to help navigate the decision tree of when and how to move forward with trauma processing.  I have found that what many clinicians  are longing for is guidance and  strategies for their most challenging cases.  These are ultimately the cases that teach us the most and  highlight where we need to grow as a therapist. 


As a Consultant I specialize in the Intensive therapy model, complex trauma and dissociation, working with children, foster care, adoption, and residential placements, and neurodivergent population.  

Attachment & Dissociation
Art Therapy & EMDR
Lover's Shadows

Attachment Trauma and Dissociation in Adults and Children 


The impact of unprocessed childhood trauma/loss, from the perspective of attachment theory and structural dissociation theory, will be explored as a foundation for understanding, assessing, and treating complex trauma.  This workshop will provide tools to both assess and work with attachment trauma and dissociation, as well as offer a structured approach to ensure client readiness and proper preparation for trauma work. Participants will be introduced to using integrative strategies such as attachment resourcing, ego states/parts work and metacognitive/mindful awareness to build affect tolerance for processing trauma and addressing dissociative barriers. More information can be found here.

Image by Bernard Hermant

Integrating Art Therapy and EMDR with Complex Clients


This workshop is for therapists who have completed an EMDRIA approved EMDR basic-training. When therapists complete training

in the 8 phase EMDR protocol, they sometimes find it challenging to integrate EMDR therapy into their current work with challenging and complex trauma clients. By the same token, clinicians with a primary focus in EMDR are often looking for ways to deliver the EMDR protocol in more developmentally sensitive ways which feel safer to the traumatized client We will review the therapeutic power of the arats and identify techniques and tools that will maximize the healing of clients through integration of the two approaches.

EMDR Basic Training
Image by Amanda Dalbjörn

EMDR Basic Training through the Trauma Institute and Child Trauma Institute


This is a hands-on clinical skills training for using EMDR and integrating it with your psychotherapy approach -- with adults as well as children. 

The training program involves lecture, demonstration, in-class practice, and on-the-job practice with your clients. This is an experiential training, and part of the learning is to practice the interventions with other participants. Because participants are working on their own material during the practice sessions, some individuals have reported that their participation led to facing personal issues; participants are always in charge of what they disclose in class.

Training can be provided at your location. Scheduling is flexible and can be designed to suit the needs of your organization or group. More information can be found here.

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