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Integrating Creative Art Therapies and EMDR with Complex Clients

October 14th and 15th, 12 CEs (Including LCAT!) and 12 Emdria credits

This training, unlike many on Zoom, seems to be more energizing than not. Maybe because it is about half hands on fun and we create a shared Gallery together! And BONUS! We actually send art materials out ahead of time to each participant. Covered is the mindful integration of Creative Therapies into the 3 Phases of Complex Trauma Treatment, (and the 8 Phases of EMDR). We offer education and approaches to strengthen treatment effectiveness using the power of art expression to deepen insight and build resources. We cover Attachment, Parts work, Mentalization, Psychoeducation, Polyvagal Theory, Therapeutic Relationship, Shame, enhancing phase 4 of EMDR processing, building a Future Self, and more! (We will likely create a part two this has been so fun and rewarding!) Oh and its good for 12 Emdria credits also! October 14th and 15th through Trauma Institute.

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